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Online Employment Screening Testing / Skills Software including Mobile Tests:

Supercandidate offers pre employment screening services used to ensure that you can find the perfect candidate. Get UNLIMITED use of our vast library of tests created by certified professions who work in respective fields.

Go further and create your own custom questions easily, or drill down for greater accuracy using Supercandidate's point and click integration of the latest video and sound technologies within your questions.

Offer employment assessment tests over multiple platforms including PC , Smartphone, Tablet and SmartTV devices. Find out if they know of a particular process for the job in greater depth then ever before, from typing skills to essential skills software, even down to if they make coffee the way you like it; leaving you in total control of the questions they will answer.

Easy Survey Maker & Opinion Poll Software - includes Mobile Surveys and Polls:

Supercandidate is also used by many industries to create online opinion polls and surveys at lightning speed across all platforms including Smart mobile devices. Not only can you create dynamic e polls / surveys within minutes, you can use the power of Supercandidate's media tools like video integration, to enhance your customers online poll / survey experience to a level never seen before. If you use social media tools like Youtube and/or voice clips from your iphone, Android, expect powerful integration, all with simple clicks right into your poll / survey with Supercandidate.

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    Easy Setup

    Automatically generate tests / polls / surveys.

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    Connecting with students/customers

    Candidate take test / poll / survey online, on mobile, at either our site or your site.

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    Result Notification

    You get notified by email, web or mobile anywhere , anytime you choose.

  • View real time dynamic result via reports and charts for exams, surveys and polls


    View numerous dynamic reports. Send them to others via email, export or collaborate in real-time online.

Simply The best testing / survey / polling software out there!

Pre employment screening services for employers and agencies who offer jobs:

Many jobseekers do not possess the qualifications that you desire, from job specific skills to their behavior pattern. This may cost you in the long run if you hire them due to inferior work, or by unnecessary overhead costs during the pre employment screening process.

Super Candidate's online features can be added to every job post so that you never have to see unsuitable candidates at the interview stage.

Super Candidate can even inform you when a set amount of people have met your needs by automatically calling your smartphone. Finding a perfect employee does not mean hours stuck to your desk!

Supercandidate's extensive online employment screening tools helps hire the best candidate !

Here's why !

Unlike before, often you can integrate the client's thoughts within minutes using Supercandidate’s powerful interface. As the client knows their business the best, the easy to use tools in Supercandidate allow you or your client, ability to add real critical points related to the job role straight from the client’s thoughts ! Remember a client often knows exactly what they are looking for in their mind – Here you just transfer those thoughts within minutes with little explanation needed.

This can include "what happens next" questions using video taken from a smartphone and loaded directly to Supercandidate, voice related questions, again directly from your smartphone (which is great if you are recording the client in real-time at the job preparation meeting) and even various documents related to the role, which Supercandidate converts intelligently, so you do not have worry about matching formats.

Then when you place the job post, potential candidates first do the employment assessment test ( that you created within minutes ), which includes questions containing years of "real life" experience of your client - so really is like a first interview stage without actually being at your client’s premises ! This proves if the candidate actually has the skill set to do the role – Just ask yourself... How many resumes have you read that say they have the skills, only to find they can’t produce at the interview ? Supercandidate, effectively eliminates this problem forever !

Supercandidate offers " Unlimited Tests " including full use of a libray of Pre-Made Tests !

Unlimited access to tests created by certified specialists!

Although we have always believed that the best test creators are those that know their role, sometimes, you need to turn to job skills testing that are beyond your specialty. Here you can turn to our huge library of pre-made tests created by certified professionals that actually work in the job fields that the tests were based around. These include:

Supercandidate helps you filter out only the best, which means that your selection is normally the choice of the client’s because the level of accuracy of match at the first interview is extremely high. With Supercandidate's reporting tools you get a clean ATS system right out of the door, or combine with your own ATS choice.

  • Super Candidate is an indispensable tool that significantly reduces time and expense for your industry:

    If you have been looking for the best testing, cross referencing and reporting tool, which requires no programming skills to get near perfect candidate matches, or to detect failing practices instantly, this is the one.

    Find out why thousands of employment agencies, training houses, sales forces, election campaigns etc. have integrated Super Candidate to ensure optimal results.-

    Blaze ahead with Super Candidate's Survey and Polling!

    There is no other choice to interact with your clients/customers then Super Candidate's powerful easy survey maker and create online poll tools. Its easy ability to integrate the latest social media content such as video and sound, with your smartphone, video camera, into your poll / survey allows your company to surpass your best customer experience, including mobile surveys and mobile polls !

    Integrate Training with guaranteed passes:

    Rapidly integrate to your courseware if you offer:

    Online training, sales training, Microsoft training, Oracle training, Customer behavior, class based training, computer training, Microsoft training, Sun training, Adobe training, Photoshop training, Linux training, Oracle training, SQL training, PHP training, Windows training, server training, accounting training, QuickBooks training, SAGE training, Praxis training, teacher training, retail training, sales training, customer service training, marketing training, engineering training, construction training, civil engineering training, real estate training, language training, Spanish training, French Training, German training ...and many more!

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